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"With(out) a word"

...an improvised and wordless Show by imKubik


Originating from the association with specific words defined by the audience, three main characters walk on a nonverbal journey of improvised stories. Scene for scene wordless, however strong-voiced and with unconstrained body language, altered worlds emerge and are explored with and by the viewers. 

Equipped with vocal sound tools, music and words on paper notes, which are collected from the audience prior to the show, the imKubik Ensemble embarks on telling entire stories without using one single spoken word.

"With(out) a word" has celebrated a comeback to following festivals/stages:


 Zurich Impro Festival "SPUNK" 2015 - Zürich CHE 

 Guest performance at "Theater anundpfirsich" - Zürich CHE 

 Guest performance at"Improlecktuellen" - Baden CHE 

 International Improv Festival "Dog & Fish" 2017 - Graz AUT 

 International Improv Festival "TILT" 2017 - Tallinn EST 

 Guest performance at "KurzFormChaos" - Darmstadt GER 

 International Improv Festival 2018 - Aalborg DEN 

 Improv Festival "SpontanOL" 2018 - Oldenburg GER 

 Improv Festival "Punk & Pomp" 2018 - Mainz GER​​ 

 Improv Festival "OSIF" 2018 - Wakefield RI, USA​​​ 

 Improv Festival "FIVO" 2018 - Onda, ESP 

imKubik plays

"With(out) a word"









...if we talk,
it's only "gibberish"

Der Youtube-Kanal von imKubik
Der Youtube-Kanal von imKubik

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 17. October 2020 

"With(out) a word" 

our improvised & wordless Show
@SPUNK Zurich Improv Festival
ComedyHaus, Zürich

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